Friday, October 22, 2010

Secrets inside Salmon In a Can- Revealed

So, as promised I'm here on Friday (yea! by the way) with my new food to share with you all.  Its a doozy. 

Let me start from the beginning.  My husband, whom some of you know, is a wonderful man not without a few lovable quarks.  One of which is when he, no doubt after a trip to Burger King, goes full health mode.  He's a man on a mission.  These health frenzies have been known to produce a few VERY strange orphans in my pantry and after a few lonely months in there they end up in the trash.  The last food adventure (or should I say mis-adventure) happened to be SARDINES in a can.  I could not stomach eating a slimy fish from head (yes, the eyes, too) to... well fin, I guess.  Jason tried one and that was that.  I don't blame him. 

It was just such a health frenzy that led Jason to buy a couple of cans of salmon.  I gave him the "I know where this is going" glare as he put them in the cart, but kept my mouth shut- humoring him only costs a few cents....  And here we are a couple of weeks later and the cans of salmon still stare at me every time I open the door of my pantry. 
Why won't you eat me?  They say.
I'm an excellent source of Omega-3s.  It says and flashes the badge to prove it. 
My salmon is premium quality. See.  Wild caught, not farm raised....

There are some good things packed in here.... and 560 calories (yea, a little more than I thought at first - there are 7 servings in this thing..... I think they mean for a mouse...)  And finally I gave in- and that's how salmon in a can became this weeks NEW FOOD. 
This morning I reluctantly pulled out my can opener, hoping and praying for the best.  It can't be worse than tuna- I kept saying.  Questions were running through my head-

1. Is it cooked? 
2. Do they leave the skin on?
3. What kind of juice do they keep it in?
4. How bad is this going to smell?
Question #4 answered.  Already the smell is choking me. 
And then a strange pink, jelly like juice comes oozing over the lid and answers Question #3 (sort of- i still don't know what it is)
Off with the lid and here it is.  I just can't make this look pretty people.  So sorry if you're eating this over lunch.  Can you believe it?  The bones are still in there! But, at least is cooked.
Out of the can it looks like a giant salmon log.  A tower of salmon.   And, Eww.  The skin is on it.  I was about to give up here.  Its just not worth it, I said.  But something inside me kept me going.

I kind of mashed it up a little.  Pushed the skin to the side and dove in.  First of all, I don't recommend eating it for breakfast.  I had no choice.  I've got deadlines, people.  But don't you make this mistake, too.  Here's the thing though, bones aside its not ALL bad.  The flavor is extremely mild.  With a little prep- maybe some lemon and pepper- it could actually be kind of good.  OK, not great.  But tuna good.  You know what I mean?  You could put it in a salmon salad- or maybe stuff something with it-like mushrooms or something..... I just wish that there weren't bones in it.  Totally a mood killer.  Definitely don't serve it to friends or you'll have that awkward break in convo whilst your guest digs for the hard jabby thing in her/his mouth. 

So, do with this info what you will.  I most likely will never have this again but I kind of liked it.  The darn bones ruined it! 

Oh, and have a really good weekend!

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  1. This is so funny! You just ate it straight out of the can!? I wouldn't blame you if you never bought it again. My only exposure to it was something my mom thew together for lunch one day. She made it especially for me trying to mimic a recipe she made when I still lived at home - left-over baked salmon in a white sauce over rice. That original recipe was PERFECT. I talked about it for years afterwards which made her try the same thing with canned salmon. But she couldn't get all the bones out... so you're eating along and would come across a vertebrae. You're right. Definitely a mood killer! It wasn't too bad aside from that, but why wouldn't we just use left over grilled/baked fish for recipes like that?

    Oh, and my dad will regularly eat sardines. Truly horrific!